Diesel Fuerte

Diesel Fuerte

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About four years ago we featured Rocky Patel's "Diesel Fuerte" line. Powerhouse engine-themed names such as 5th Gear, Corrosion, Crude and Hi-Octane comprised the line up when first released. The idea behind the blend was to create a big-bodied, flavorfully-intense, ultra-strong cigar without the harshness that often comes along for the ride. Recently, the line was suped-up to offer additional complexity and intricacies. The Brazilian maduro wrapper was replaced with a Costa Rican maduro, which offers a touch of sweetness on the finish, which at first is more prominent, but this cigar's flavor profile, like an engine, heats up during the voyage, and the relative sweetness from the wrapper drops back to first gear. Not all strong cigars kick off with a punch in the mouth—the more complex versions can build methodically, with the intensity sort of sneaking up on you. This is one of those cigars. The first third is tamed by the milder Dominican tobaccos in the blend, but the Honduran long leaves kick into overdrive as you travel through this stick. Expect firm notes of rich, aged tobacco, notes of cracked pepper, and slight sweetness in the earthy finish. Just take in the complexity and enjoy the ride. But be forewarned: this diesel puts out more smoke volume than a semi barreling down the highway. Pair with a single malt scotch, and clear the road.
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