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Winter Sale 2024!
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Danli Reserve Robusto

Danli Reserve Robusto

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Danli Reserve is a complex, medium- to full-bodied cigar created by Julio Eiroa and his son Christian to celebrate the cigar-making capital of Honduras, Danli. Light it up and you can almost taste the rich Honduran soil. Made with an exquisite blend of rich, hearty, long-leaf tobaccos grown in the Jamastran Valley, the stick is wrapped in a smooth, leathery, dark, natural Habano-seed leaf.This smoke is powerful but balanced with a smooth, deliberate draw and a slow, even burn. The Danli Reserve produces a dense, light grey ash that clings to the cigar and must be coaxed off. The initial spicy pepper punch quickly transitions into a smooth, earthy, leather flavor that's both robust and densely nuanced. By mid-smoke the flavor picks up again to deliver an intensely hearty character, while filling the air with a pleasant aroma. Best after a meal, this no-nonsense dose of thick, wholesome Honduran strength should be taken to your favorite recliner and enjoyed with your favorite brandy or cognac.
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