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Cupido Churchill

Cupido Churchill

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7 x 47



For decades, the Cupido family of cigar makers have taken pride in creating what many have described as the best cigar hand made in Nicaragua. In the heart of the Jalapa Valley, the secrets of farming and curing of premium tobacco have been passed down from generation to generation. Founders Yossi Kviatkovsky and Dixie Monaco entered the industry in a somewhat less than normal fashion in December of 1996 after acquiring the rights to an annual tobacco crop as partial compensation for providing financing to an Ecuadorian business relationship with whom they had previously only traded rice. The annual yield had previously been auctioned off to the highest bidder each year. Upon testing the cigars at the R.T.C Labs in Costa Rica using the B.63.-B.A.T. method, the partners were delighted to find they owned rights to a yield that had just over half the percentage of nicotine of similar tobaccos, in short, a crop that is considered to be one of the highest of quality in the entire country. Cupido’s inaugural cigar is the Churchill we’re featuring this month. Unlike many new entrants to the market, the company focused its efforts on just one shape and perfecting that cigar before attempting to deliver an entire line. One year later, the robusto also featured was introduced and to this day, they are the only two sizes available in the line. Cupido will, however, be introducing a third cigar in September. The name and shape of the cigar will be known as Torpido, as it is in essence, a mini Torpedo at 4 ½ x 54. Designed to be a quick, yet full flavored smoke that could be smoked in 30 minutes after lunch, it’s sure to be a hit. Cupido cigars are produced using aged ligero long leaf binder & filler tobaccos and enclosed in the highest quality Sumatran wrappers. The Churchill featured this month has been rated 89 in Cigar Aficionado and "Highly Recommended" in Smoke Magazine. We know you’re gonna enjoy it. Cupido’s robusto is a completely different blend from their Churchill and has also received high praise since it’s introduction in April, receiving a 90 in Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar Insider and a 4.1 on a 5.0 scale (excellent) in the most recent issue of Smoke. Bottom Line. Good Stuff! Enjoy. For more information about Cupido Cigars, call 1-888-CUPIDO1, or visit their website at: www.cupidocigars.com.
Aesthetically, a sweet looking cigar: Medium dark, rich and oily with a beautiful wrapper. Very few noticeable veins and quite smooth to the touch. The samples we received are expertly rolled cigars. No soft spots. Filled to capacity, but not too tight. Simply a superbly crafted smoke. Look for a nice even, slow burn with an easy, loose draw. Note roasted coffee, hazelnut and earthly tones in this smooth, rich cigar. We found it to offer loads of heady, deep flavor in what is obviously well aged and mellowed tobacco. You’re going to like it very much. Overall, we unanimously found this to be one of the better cigars we’ve sampled to date and highly recommend the entire line. Consider pairing this fine cigar with Samuel Smiths’ Nut Brown Ale or a Loch Dhu Single Malt Scotch.
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