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7.25 x 50


Dominican Republic



Cigar maker Manuel Quesada and family have been in the cigar business for generations. In Cuba, the Quesada family worked as leaf brokers for everything from cigarette to cigar tobaccos, and they were one of the major exporters of Cuban tobacco to the world market. When forced into exile in 1960, they transferred their entire business to the Dominican Republic where they had been buying and selling tobacco for years. It wasn't long before they began manufacturing cigars there. The name Cubita seems to be a bit of a play on words, since "-ita" added to many Spanish words connotes smallness; with a Churchill of this stature, it's like calling a 6'4" tall, 300 pound dude "tiny". Likewise, small has no business being used when describing the flavor and body of this cigar. The masterful combination of tobaccos, including a Dominican Olor binder and Nicaraguan Ligero fillers, offers medium-to-full-bodied flavor with rich, earthy hints of coffee and cinnamon, all wrapped up in a dark, red-toned Cuban seed Honduran Criollo wrapper. But the flavors don't end there; look also for sweet woody notes, hints of cream and a finish featuring hints of vanilla and nuts. Enjoy with a strong oak-aged brew or fine cognac.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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