Cruz Real Sp. Edicion

Cruz Real Sp. Edicion

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Boy, sometimes governments make some really stupid laws. Take Mexico, for instance, where cigar companies were required by law to only use Mexican tobacco in their cigars. The result of this law was that most Mexican cigars were full-bodied, but had no complexity. Well, luckily for the cigar companies (and cigar smokers), that law recently changed and the taste of many Mexican cigars did as well. Cruz Real was the first Mexican brand to change their blend of tobaccos and the result has been phenomenal. People who once snubbed their noses at Cruz Real are now making it a must in their humidor. While they still use Mexican binder, they now mix Dominican and Mexican filler and use a Connecticut Shade wrapper. Whoa Nelly, this sucker packs a punch! Not for the faint of heart, the panel needed to sit down while they smoked this bad boy. A perfect burn and big mouthfuls of smoke put a smile on everybody's face. While the Connecticut Shade wrapper wasn't the silkiest we'd ever seen, it really didn't make a bit of difference. It was a well-constructed cigar all around and was smokeable all the way down to the nub.
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