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Spring Sale 2024!
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Cedar Fresh Maduro Corona

Cedar Fresh Maduro Corona

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5.25 x 43





Cedar Fresh Maduro CoronaNestor Placentia, proprietor of one of the world’s largest cigars factories, is responsible for many cigar gems, and this unique cigar is another example of his brands’ high quality craftsmanship. Extensively aged on cedar and wrapped with a cedar sheath for extra protection and aroma-retention, the bouquet on this cigar is, as you may have guessed from the name, unmistakably cedary. This beautiful corona is a darker shade of maduro—the kind that our panel goes nuts for. Unlit and while smoked, expect notes of not only cedar, but also a clove-like sweetness that sits quite nicely atop the well-aged, very mellow tobacco flavors. The draw begins a bit tight but eases up about 1/3rd through the cigar. Mellow for sure, this cigar still manages to nip at the lips and tongue with a moderate spiciness. Look for a long-lasting and pleasant cedar & clove blend at the finish. A well made Añejo tequila will have creamy, woody & peppery notes that will marry perfectly with this cigar’s flavor profile. Our panel partnered the Cedar Fresh with a 3 year old Cava Antigua 100% Agave Añejo Tequila.
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