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Winter Sale 2024!
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Castle Hall Chuchill

Castle Hall Chuchill

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It's sad to think about all the great Cuban cigar brands that went the way of the dinosaur after Castro's regime nationalized the industry. Extinction befell many a solid smoke, premier among them the venerable Castle Hall brand. We love seeing these old Cuban brands restored to their former glory and thanks to the Toraño family, these gentle giants are available once more. K. Hansotia's was in on this one, too, folks—as you might have surmised looking at the exquisitely embossed and vibrantly-colored label, typical of anything bearing his name. This triad—the original brand, the Toraño family and good ol' K's masterful blending—makes for a memorable revival, indeed. We found Castle Hall's blend medium-bodied, with bold, heady flavors that run from sweet clove-like notes to leathery earthiness. Its thick, patiently aged Grade "A" Honduran wrapper burns slow and cool. Look for creamy notes to soothe the palate and flourishes of roasted nuts that linger after each satisfying puff. This stogie warrants a pungent peaty single malt such as Lagavulin or Laphroaig.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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