Spring Sale 2024! - Save up to $30

Spring Sale 2024!
Save up to $30

Carrington Long Corona

Carrington Long Corona

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6 x 42



The Carrington line is a relatively new, hand made, long-filler, super premium line of cigars made in the Dominican Republic. The brand has already received excellent ratings from Cigar Aficionado which means that it may soon be very difficult to obtain. The Carrington line is blended by master blender Pedro Martin and is produced in the Tobacos Dominicanos (Tabadom) factory under the personal supervision of Hendrick Kelner. The Carrington is available with a Connecticut shade wrapper and is made in eight varied sizes.
This claro colored cigar is truly a beautiful display of craftsmanship. We found it silky to the touch, slightly oily, well rolled with just the right firmness and generally very appealing. We couldn’t wait to light it. Smoke pulled through the cigar very well and it burned slowly and evenly. Look for a very smooth, mild to medium-bodied tasting cigar with s light, spicy character, with some earthy tones evident. We found the aroma to be very pleasant, but not overwhelming. The aftertaste was a mild and somewhat spicy experience.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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