Caonabo Gran Jefe

Caonabo Gran Jefe

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The year 1492 marked one of the biggest events of human history, as through the efforts of the Great Admiral, there was a marvelous encounter of two worlds and two cultures. But the arrival of Columbus to La Española land also produced the first encounter between conquest and rebellion. Caonabo, brave warrior and the Taino's chief who governed those lands, resisted the domination. He showed his resistance by destroying the Nativity Fort in 1493, built by Columbus with the remains of the Santa Maria, the flagship of his first trip. Upon Columbus' return roughly a year later, he promptly began building the establishment of Fort Saint Thomas in the Cibao Region. In 1495, the great Chief Caonabo and his brave followers attacked the fort. Columbus immediately commissioned Don Alonso de Ojeda to embark on a peace mission in an effort to conciliate with the insurgent Indian leader. Taken before Columbus under deceit, Caonabo was apprehended, chained and sent to Spain as a prisoner in 1496. However, due to the difficulties of maritime travel, he died during the voyage and never made it. Let this message serve as a tribute to the great King of the Maguana, the Man of Gold, to the harbingers of the marvelous tobacco leaf, to the grand Chief Caonabo. It seems appropriate that the founder of the Caonabo Cigar line featured this month was himself also a leader and rebel not dissimilar to Chief of the Tainos. Manuel Dominguez worked side-by-side with Castro in the 1950’s, a guerilla fighting the Bastida regime in Cuba’s mountainsides. He was named Deputy Minister of Communication soon after Castro came into power and when informed of the dictator’s infidelity with Russia, tried to escape the island with one of Castro’s personal helicopters. A gunfight killed several of his comrades and he himself was wounded and then placed in a Cuban prison for 26 years. After President Regan negotiated asylum in the U.S. for Dominguez, he began to build his cigar production operations in the Dominican Republic. We know that you will enjoy these exceptional cigars inspired by two exceptional men. They have just recently been brought to the United States and have already received high marks from many varied tobacco publications. For more information about Caonabo Cigars, contact their exclusive distributors, G&G Enterprises at 703-823-2234.
We really like these cigars and the Torpedo you’re about to smoke doesn’t get much better. This cigar offers a complex, full-flavored, medium-bodied smoke. Look for superb construction and an effortless draw. We found its flavor to start slightly peppery with both sweet and spicy notes to round it out. An amazingly long ash indicates that the tobacco was properly aged. You’re gonna love it. Try it with a hearty Scotch Ale after a big meal.
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