Canaria D’Oro Immesos

Canaria D’Oro Immesos

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5 1/2 x 49



The Canaria D'Oro line is crafted by hand in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The entire line offers a deep, full flavored smoke, largely attributed to rich wrappers used which are selected from the darkest, richest leaves grown in the rich San Andres farmlands of Mexico. If you don’t already know it, Mexican wrapper tobacco is used in numerous Domincan, Nicaraguan and Honduran-produced cigar lines and is considered to be some of the best wrapper leaf in the world. You’re about to see why firsthand this month as we feature one of the more consistently full-flavored, yet mellow cigar lines we’ve had the pleasure to evaluate. Crafted by hand in limited quantities for a limited market of cigar smokers who prefer them to other premium cigars, Canaria D’Oro cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are made in seven sizes ranging from the Supremo featured to a Baby measuring 4 1/8" x 36 ring gauge. There is a considerable difference between the Colorado-Claro colored Immenso and Supremo and the line’s Maduro Rothchild. Although all unique, they share the same quality of being both complex, full-flavored cigars, that offer a mellow, non overpowering smoke which is truly a pleasurable experience. We’re exceptionally pleased with our ability to pull this month’s selection together for you and know that you won’t be disappointed.
This is a solid little Dominican cigar line. We very much enjoyed each Canaria D’Oro cigar sampled and found the Immenso to be one of our favorites. Immediately note a nice oily sheen on this very appealing wrapper. Look for an excellent draw on this well made cigar. We found it to offer a spicy, slightly sweet and creaminess the finished on a cedary note. The Mexican tobaccos dominate the blend which works very well. Lots of aroma. Overall, a great little, medium-bodied, flavorful smoke. Consider pairing this one with a small batch bourbon or your favorite cognac.
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