Bohemian Corojo Ginsburg

Bohemian Corojo Ginsburg

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6 x 50


Dominican Republic



Now this is a rare treat indeed! The Bohemian Red Corojo is a tasty blend of Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers wrapped with a Dominican Ligero binder and a Brazilian Corojo wrapper. The reason it is so rare is that the wrapper is true “first seed” Corojo—not a hybrid like many others (you can tell by the color, texture, and thickness of the wrapper). Most so-called Corojo's are Corojo/Sumatran hybrids bred to make the plants more stable and more resistant to disease, particularly the devastating Blue Mold, an airborne pathogen that kills entire tobacco crops and forces farmers to plow entire harvests to the ground because it is otherwise impossible to contain. Corojo is a much sought after leaf; it has its origins in pre-Castro Cuba, beginning with seeds planted in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba at a farm named Corojo by Daniel Rodriguez. At one point, it became the standard wrapper for Cuba’s legendary cigar brands. But Corojo is no longer planted in Cuba due to its high susceptibility to Blue Mold. These days, Corojo hybrids are grown in Ecuador and Honduras with very few plantations growing true, honest to goodness first seed, non-hybridized Corojo. Jose Dominguez's Victor Sinclair factory in the Dominican Republic pulled out all the stops when they made this gem. Your eyes will naturally be drawn to the unique appearance of this cigar—pigtails at the cap and untrimmed at the foot. We found it medium-to-full-bodied, providing tons of rich tobacco flavor. Look for an easy draw with an interesting, spicy, pleasing aroma. Its flavor offers some spiciness which is complemented by a wonderful cedar flavor. Partner it up with your favorite single malt scotch.
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