Big Butt Robusto

Big Butt Robusto

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4 3/4 x 54



Don Carlos Santiago, known by friends and family as "Don Gordo", hand-rolled perhaps the most legendary cigars in pre-revolution Cuba. He produced the very fattest of the Cuban cigars, called "Big Butts" by his loyal customers. Only the wealthy and influential connoisseurs in high-flying Havana enjoyed these rare masterpieces. During the Communist revolution, the Santiago farm and factory were seized and burned to the ground. Don Gordo escaped to The Dominican in the hold of a shrimp boat, paying for his exodus with his last two boxes of Big Butts. He lived in The Dominican and worked as a master roller until his death in 1994. After Don Gordo's death, a single trunk of his personal effects was forwarded to his extended family in the United States. The trunk contained his personal notebooks describing the various tobacco blends used in his cigars, some seeds, and even the deed to the family farm in Cuba. The family now has all the records and resources necessary to re-establish the farm, once Cuba is liberated. But why wait? Eager to fulfill Don Gordo’s wish to re-establish his name in the world of fine tobacco, founder and grandson of Don Gordo, Joe Seither, resurrected the Big Butt Cigar Co. using full-flavored Nicaraguan and Indonesian tobacco blends. We know you will enjoy these medium-bodied, unusually large ring gauge cigars. For more information about the Big Butt Cigar Company, call 800-363-3995 or email Joe directly with your feedback at [email protected].
We found Don Gordo’s robusto to be a medium-bodied, properly-aged, and well-constructed large ring gauge smoke. Look for the cigar to start with some floral tones with earthy notes evident. A cedar woodiness comes out as you get into this cigar. Some resiney character from the stronger Jalapa leaf is apparent as well. Consider smoking it with a heavy ale or brandy.
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