Bahia Gold Corona

Bahia Gold Corona

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There is an unwritten law in Costa Rica that anything worth having is also worth waiting for. Tony Borhani, Owner and Proprietor of Bahia Cigars, considered by many to be one of the cigar industry’s most influential leaders, knows that this is true. Manufactured in the Costa Rican factory Tabacalera Tambor under the supervision of Don Douglas and Tony, Bahia cigars have achieved top ratings wherever they have been smoked. Don Douglas's family were among the best tobacco growers in the 1930's in Minnesota. Tabacalera Tambor is Costa Rica's only Premium cigar manufacturer and produces cigars in limited numbers from the most select tobacco in the world. The company prides itself on its Cuban heritage and 40 years experience making super premium cigars. Certainly a portion of the Bahia brand’s success must be attributed to the fact that Eduardo Rivera Irizarri, the original creator of Cohiba cigars, directly consults Tony on the unique third-fermentation process that propelled Cohiba to where it is today. Committed to quality, Tony insists on limited production of these fine cigars, and it shows in each of his blends. The Bahia Gold line was first introduced in June 1997. Tony Borhani and Don Douglas took two full years to develop the blend which represents the smallest production to Tabacalera Tambor. The filler and the binder for this cigar come from a very small farm in the Dominican Republic, while the wrapper is simply the best Ecuador has to offer. Each cigar features tobacco from the same year's harvest, which is aged and cured prior to the third fermentation. The cigars are then rolled and aged again for an additional twelve months prior to being distributed. Whereas the Dominican is known largely for producing some of the world’s finest milder cigars, this full-bodied, relatively strong cigar showcases the other side of the country’s tobacco spectrum. The Bahia Gold comes in four sizes, two of which you’ll sample this month. The brand is notoriously difficult to get a hold of due to both it’s superior reputation and limited production and we know you’ll find it to be a full, rich and flavorful smoke deserving of it’s reputation. For more information on the Bahia Cigar line, call them at 800-352-2442.
Get ready for a flavor assault on your palate! We found this very well constructed cigar to be a medium-bodied smoke, packed with a full, rich and complex flavor. Much more than you’d tend to expect out this shape of cigar. Look for a strong pepper flavor that builds significantly in the second half of the smoke. Also note earthy and leather tones in the body and a strong, slightly sweet, cedary finish. Overall, one of the best coronas we’ve ever smoked, full of flavor and worth smoking to the nub. Consider pairing it with Fonseca or other full-bodied Port.
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