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Ancient Warrior Gigante

Ancient Warrior Gigante

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7.5 x 54





Don’t let the name fool you—this giant isn’t as brash as you might expect, but it is tough to beat! On the other hand, calling it a gentle giant may be an understatement, as there is a full-bodied character to it (though it never clubs you over the noggin, which it could were it not for the masterful blending of its rich Brazilian tobaccos). The Ancient Warrior moniker derives from the Gurkhas, a Nepalese tribe who fought for the British during both World Wars. Made by the cigar maestro K. Hansotia, this is one of Gurkha’s most phenomenal offerings. Thoughtful care has been put into its presentation; note the label wrapping the foot, encasing a cedar strip. It reads: “K. Hansotia & Co.; A Century of Tradition; Special Edition; Private Stock; Limited Vintage; Brazilian Blend; Ancient Warrior; ESTD. 1887” A cigar carrying just one of these little tag lines would be impressive—but to legitimately boasts all of them? Now’s that’s product baby! The tobacco blend is genius, in our humble opinions. We found this beauty of a smoke supple to the touch with a great feel in the hand. The opening is rich, with a burst of spice quickly noted. The spice drops back as the flavor develops notes of sweetness and traces of vanilla, along with a myriad of other complex, flavorful interplays. Finishes smooth and solid. This is a true pleasure to smoke—we’re sure you’ll agree. Pair this warrior with a stiff ‘Wee Heavy’ beer (a bit obscure, we realize, but there’s a great example of this beer style made by the Orkney Brewery, going by the name ‘Skull Splitter’, in honor of an ancient Viking warrior (now you see the tie in?). We featured this beer a while back in our International Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. Not a member? Check out more details at www.monthlyclubs.com).
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