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Acid '5' Torpedo

Acid '5' Torpedo

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This beauty—a limited-edition, more subtle and higher-end Acid blend—was launched several years ago to mark the 5th anniversary of the popular Acid brand. Drew Estate designed the Acid ‘5’ to showcase their best materials and the workmanship of their top rollers. The wrapper is a superlative Connecticut shade leaf which cloaks a blend of black tobaccos from Nicaragua. Each cigar is laid in cedar aging rooms for a full 5 years after rolling. A signature of the Acid line, the ‘5’ is infused with herbs and botanicals, a distinctive characteristic that says “I’m an Acid!” Note we said “says” and not “shouts”—unlike other Acids, the ‘5’ has a more reserved, subdued flavor than its unique forerunner which makes it an easy smoke any day of the week. Note: Drew Estate has taken almost as much care with the packaging as the manufacturing. Your Acid ‘5’ is individually wrapped in a cedar sleeve and adorned with a crisp, metallic-silver band. Remove it to find the truly flawless Connecticut shade wrapper. The smooth leaf, characterized by a nice oily sheen, is strikingly uniform. The ‘5’s’ construction is equally impressive – it’s firm and dense and sports an impeccably mounted cap that brings a slight sweetness to the flavor. Acid nuts will love this smoke. It’s Drew Estate’s tour de force. For those who think an infused cigar is the antithesis of a true smoke, give this stick a chance—the “infusion” is surprisingly mellow. The draw is just right. Look for an experience that’s smooth and creamy from the get-go but, as the stick burns, builds in flavor and richness. Notes of caramel, black pepper, cinnamon-like spices, and a long, roasted finish overlay other more subtle flavors. The tobaccos, infusion and sweetness balance nicely. Overall, the cigar is medium in body, burns evenly and deliberately, and brings you an engaging, unique experience with a flavor profile that has a foot in both the traditional and infused camps. This stick’s heritage is evident. It’s Drew Estate’s tour de force. Hopefully other members will find it to be a delicious, occasional “change of pace” smoke. Try this one with a smooth floral sake as a liquid counterpart.
The Nicaraguan cigar industry originated when Cuban cigar makers escaped the revolution and re-established their livelihood in Nicaragua with Cuban-seed tobacco. Blessed with dark, rich soil, their new home was ideal for tobacco cultivation and Nicaragua quickly became known for cigars that rivaled Cuban quality. Unfortunately, revolution and war came to Nicaragua in the 1980s and devastated the industry, but it’s rebounded dramatically and is once again producing tobacco considered by many to be the finest in the world. The Esteli Valley is in many ways the heart of Nicaraguan production and is known for its very powerful and spicy tobacco. The Jalapa Valley produces arguably the finest tobacco in the country: somewhat sweeter and less intense than Esteli, but extremely complex. The tobacco of the Condega Valley is often described as a blend of the other two regions.
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