5 Vegas Relic

5 Vegas Relic

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5.75 x 54


Dominican Republic



The full-bodied Relic is the perfect antidote to the widely held misconception that Dominican cigars are always mild. It is an extraordinary puro that has been three years in the making. The leaf is a Dominican grown Corojo culled from the highest priming for maximum sun exposure resulting in a leaf that’s dark and loaded with oils. It’s evident that care was taken in the fermentation and selection of this wrapper – the quality, color, thickness and texture are unmatched. The potent filler consists of lush Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos. The filler includes a single leaf of authentic 12-year old filler—thus the “relic”—especially selected by maker Manuel Quesada from a bale of exquisite 1996 vintage leaf he set aside over a decade ago. The leaf tames this otherwise powerful blend, giving it a rounder, slightly mellower, well-balanced profile. It is graced by a savory Corojo wrapper that’s dark, toothy, and teeming with hearty bold and spicy flavors. After sparking it up, the initial sensation is mellow and light, but it slowly and steadily builds in strength until you start to feel warm and maybe a little bit fuzzy. Expect rich notes of earth, coffee, and oak, and a peppery, toasty finish. Just one captivating size was created: a beautiful Perfecto shape that brings the blend to a full-flavored crescendo in the final third of the smoke. If you are a newbie smoker and are wondering why we refer to the shape of the Relic as both a figurado and a perfecto—perfecto is a term used to describe a cigar tapered at both ends. The term figurado is a more generic term used to describe any cigar that has a shape other then the traditional straight-sided cigar shape. So a perfecto is a figurado but not all figurados are perfectos. Got it? The closed head and foot of the perfecto is an ideal vehicle for delivering the blend’s robust character. Expect a smoke of extraordinary richness and structure characterized by sweet nuances of coffee and white pepper and a deep toasty underpinning. This one warrants your best V.S.O.P brandy or cognac.
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