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Our Phone Number is 800-625-8238 Our Phone Number is 800-625-8238

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Premium Cigar of the Month Club™?

We do the legwork required to ensure consistent quality and variety. Our panel of nine professional tobacconists rates over 200 cigars per week on appearance, aroma, construction, smoke volume, flavor profile and overall impression. We look for a consistent, even burn and easy draw. You’ll get a variety of shapes, sizes, wrapper types and blends, with emphasis on larger ring gauges. We do what it takes to ensure that your cigars are properly humidified in transit, enclosing a portable humidification regulation device in every shipment. We’re so proud of our featured cigars that we post them all the way back to 1997. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and dedication to responsive, knowledgeable, relationship-driven customer service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about our cigar selection process.

What will I receive in each shipment?

In our Original Premium Cigar Club, each shipment contains 5 different cigars.

In our ultra-high-end Rare Cigar Club, each shipment contains 4 different cigars.

Each featured cigar is hand-rolled, and they vary by ring gauge, length and shape, wrapper leaf type, tobacco blend, and flavor profile. You’ll enjoy cigars from top producing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic. Each shipment includes The Society Brief, introducing you to each featured cigar maker, offering detailed cigar profiles including tasting notes for each cigar, and suggested alcohol pairings.

How long is the membership term and do I have to ship every month?

Personal and Gift memberships are available from 2 to 12 months or on an ongoing, month to month basis. Open-ended, ongoing orders may be cancelled at any time easily by calling us toll free at 800-625-8238 or via email at customerservice@cigarmonthclub.com. Flexible ordering allows you to send or receive shipments monthly, every other month, quarterly, or even on specific months when you Design Your Own Club™.

How does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work?

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that every cigar you purchase from The Premium Cigar of the Month Club™ meets your high standards or we will replace it or refund your purchase.

Can I select specific cigars or brands that I want to receive?

Although you cannot choose specific cigars or brands that you would like to receive, we do follow up on requests from our members to evaluate cigars or cigar makers we have not featured. A big part of being a member of The Premium Cigar of the Month Club™ is having the opportunity to try cigars and brands that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise or might not have thought to try on your own. If you find a cigar that you really like, you may reorder it in 5-cigar increments or full boxes at exceptional values.

How do I create a gift announcement?

You can create a customized gift announcement that can be either printed or emailed on a specific date during check out. You may also create a gift announcement outside of the ordering process by choosing the “Gift Announcement” button in the footer of any page on our web site.

When will my shipment arrive?

Cigar shipments will arrive the last week of the month.

When will my credit card be charged?

Please note that charges will appear on your statement from "MonthlyClubs.com".

Your card will be charged on the 2nd of the month that membership commences. If you chose to have your membership commence this month, but your order was placed after the 2nd, your card will be charged within 2 business days. Charges for memberships commencing in a future month will take place on the 2nd of the first month shipped.

Where can you ship a cigar club membership?

We can ship our cigar clubs both within the United States and abroad, including APO addresses. Please call 800-625-8238 to place an order shipped outside of the U.S. as separate charges may apply.

How will my cigar club shipment be packaged?

Your cigars are sealed in a slightly porous bag designed for shipping cigars, along with an enclosed portable humidification regulation device to ensure proper humidification levels during transit. The humidification device will continue to work for multiple weeks and can be refreshed with water. A new one is included in each shipment. They are then packed in an environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable tube which is then shrink-wrapped.

What happens if I cannot be home to receive my shipment?

Please either call us at 800-625-8238 no later than the 1st of the month to inform us if you have moved, plan to be out of town, or otherwise will not be able to accept delivery that month so that we can either re-route or reschedule your shipment.

How do you verify the age of your customers?

We use Veratad's "AgeMatch" age verification services to quickly and easily verify your age. This service uses multiple trusted data sources containing billions of public records to return an age validation based on the information you provide. This service is specifically designed to validate and protect your identity while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy when processing online transactions. Veratad's secure 256 bit encryption ensures the information you provide is safe, and Veratad DOES NOT store your personal information or provide any data to other third parties.

What happens if I cannot be verified by the Age Verification process?

A small percentage of shoppers may not be verifiable due to limited availability of publicly available information contained within the Age Verification databases. If this happens, we will attempt to contact you via phone, mail or email to verify your age.

How do I change my delivery address?

Please either call us at 800-625-8238 or email us at customerservice@cigarmonthclub.com no later than the 1st of the month to change your delivery address.