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About The Premium Cigar of the Month Club

Consistent High Quality Products and Top Rated Customer Service

We’ve been a family-owned and run business for nearly 20 years now. The Premium Cigar of the Month Club™ is managed today on the same core principals that we were founded on in 1994. We’re dedicated to consistently delivering quality, variety, and outstanding values. We’re committed to building strong relationships with our valued customers and to offering responsive, effective customer service from a trustworthy company.

We’re Passionate About The Exploration and Discovery of Premium Cigars

We take great pleasure and pride in being a big part of fostering exploration as our members try brands and cigars they’ve never tried before. We get fired up when our customers tell us about discovering a new favorite cigar, even though they thought they were set in their ways. In the early years, we attended countless festivals all over the country signing up new members one at a time, giving away cigars as incentives, smoking them ourselves and often drinking craft beers while listening to live blues. It’s a fun industry. We love being part of it and being at the forefront of discovering new and exciting cigars ourselves.

MonthlyClubs.com™ and Our Design Your Own Club™ Program

The Premium Cigar of the Month Club™ is one of 6 clubs offered by MonthlyClubs.com™. Our Design Your Own Club™ program allows you to combine our cigar, beer, wine, cheese, chocolate and flower clubs into a single customized membership and send whatever you want to send, whenever you want to send it.

We are an Environmentally Conscious Organization

RecyclingWe use 100% recyclable packaging, installed a solar array at our corporate office in 2008 that generates nearly all of our power, and strive to work with vendors that are like-minded.

Thank you for your patronage, loyalty and the many years of allowing us to serve you.

Customer Testimonials

  • "I have enjoyed each and every shipment. Your choices have been exceptional." Richard Carver, WY

  • "It's the perfect program for an novice cigar smoker, or a veteran." David Fuchs, MO

  • "In all the time I have been with them, they've sent me excellent cigars from all over the globe." Bob Turnbull, SK Canada

  • "Thanks so much for consistently providing extremely high quality cigars every month." Caleb Shoenhard, DC

  • "I’ve been a member of the cigar club since 1998 and I love you guys.." Dave C (Mr. Cigar), FL

  • "I appreciate you guys taking the extra steps to make sure my smokes get to me in good shape." Greg T., WA

  • "I’m now more open minded about trying new smokes. Thanks for that!" Daniel M., KY

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Kris Calef
President & Founder