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Customer testimonials

"I have enjoyed each and every shipment. Your choices have been exceptional."

Richard Carver, WY

"It's the perfect program for an novice cigar smoker, or a veteran."

David Fuchs, MO

"In all the time I have been with them, they've sent me excellent cigars from all over the globe."

Bob Turnbull, SK Canada

"Thanks so much for consistently providing extremely high quality cigars every month."

Caleb Shoenhard, DC

"I’ve been a member of the cigar club since 1998 and I love you guys."

Dave C (Mr. Cigar), FL

"I appreciate you guys taking the extra steps to make sure my smokes get to me in good shape."

Greg T., WA

"I’m now more open minded about trying new smokes. Thanks for that!"

Daniel M., KY

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